The results are in! Next to Aurora tours, Yellowknifers believe the outdoors, lakes, wildlife and fishing are the biggest local tourist attractions.

Sunday, May 14 2017

During the two day show May 13 and 14 at the Multiplex, 111 Yellowknifers were surveyed about the importance of Yellowknife tourism over the next 5 to 10 years. They were asked if they would support a visitor Accommodation Levy to fund marketing of Yellowknife as a year-round tourism destination.

Our community members were clear that they see mostly summertime outdoor adventures on land and water as the #1 draw next to fall and winter Aurora viewing. Camping, arts and culture, traditional indigenous activities and local and mining history including Old Town were second. Winter tourism and dog sledding were also top contenders.

News and updates

Thursday, November 08 2018

The City of Yellowknife plans to collect a levy of UP TO 4% on all short term accommodations. These funds will support the creation of a Destination Marketing Organization whose primary function...

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Tuesday, October 23 2018

Bill 18 - An act to amend the Cities, Towns and Villages Act to authorize councils to impose a tax on tourist accommodations.
Bill 18 has had its third...

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Tuesday, August 15 2017

We all have heard about the fate of the NFVA/Visitors Centre and the need for a new building to provide visitor services. We’ve received some questions about whether or not the Levy funds could be...

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